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As , we always respect your personal privacy rights on the virtual media and take all necessary measures to ensure this during your visit to our site. Details of your personal privacy security are presented below for your use and acceptance. . According to the importance of the content of these files; IP address, internet service provider, web browser, operating system installed on your device and the pages you log in and out of our site, such as information that will not violate your standard and personal privacy. We do not use your log files on any medium other than for statistical purposes and do not share them with third parties. These ads contain cookies within the scripts that we place on our site and keep records that can analyze visitor behavior and make visitor-oriented advertising. We cannot access these records. In this direction, you can review the privacy agreements and settings of the companies we partner with in content advertising and make personal arrangements.


The word cookie refers to text files placed on your computer's hard drive so that you can remember when you visit a web page from your browser. These files are fully used for user convenience. Advertising companies also use these cookies to show you relevant ads. This is done with your permission and you can edit the necessary permissions in your browser settings.

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